Workshops in Dar es Salaam

A series of workshops were held between 11th and 22nd of February in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. As part of Forum for Africa Studies’ PhD student representative Henrik Makokha-Sandell’s PhD-project on the use of vacuum extraction in emergency obstetric care at Muhimbili National Hospital, the workshops aimed at establishing a joint agenda and collaborative initiatives for an upcoming intervention study.

African Cities and the Materiality of Suspicion

December 9-11 2018: Bringing together 17 prominent scholars of African cities, with several focusing on medical matters, in the city of Lusaka, this workshop took a starting point in what city life is like when suspicion comes to underlie everyday interactions with the familiar world – when there is a deep-seated notion that objects, people, relationships, society, or indeed the world at large, are not what they appear to be.

Read programme here.



Global Health Research Conference 18-19 April in Stockholm

The conference takes place at Karolinska institutet and is co-sponsored by Forum for Africa Studies. See more info here

Uppsala Health Summit 2018, 14-15 June. Theme: Cancer

Forum for Africa Studies continues its engagement in Uppsala Health Summit, by participating in the planning of the 2018 Summit (14-15 June), which centers on cancer. See more info here.


International Symposium on Health in Africa, 11-12 May 2017


Health, Politics and Culture in Africa

The Health, Politics and Culture in Africa project was initiated during the autumn of 2015. The project addresses a number of sub-themes that include health governance, the double burden of disease, media representations of health and Africa, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and reproductive health.

The project creates a new platform and network at Uppsala University for teaching, supervision and research at the intersection of the medical sciences and the humanities. Furthermore, it promotes meaningful collaborations with universities, research institutes and networks in Africa and elsewhere.

Health, Politics and Culture in Africa is a strategic investment by the Vice Chancellor’s Office of Uppsala University that links the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences with the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacology.

For more information, please contact Ulrika Trovalla (Coordinator, Health, Politics and Culture in Africa) at


Download the project concept note HERE.

Guest Researchers working on Health, Politics and Culture in Africa to visit Uppsala

In 2017, Forum for Africa Studies was visited by a number of distinguished guest researchers working in fields related to Health, Politics and Culture in Africa. Guests to Forum will include:

  • Dr. Margaret Nyarango, Massey University, New Zealand (May)

  • Dr. Charlene van der Walt, Stellenbosch University, South Africa (Oct/Nov)

  • Dr. Hussein Kidanto, Muhimbili University and Ministry of Health, Tanzania (May)

  • Dr. Khatia Munguambe, Manhiça Research Centre and Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique (Sept/Oct)

  • Dr. Bilinda Straight, Western Michigan University, USA (May)

  • Dr. Sirkka Tshiningayamwe, Rhodes University, South Africa (Autumn)

Guest researchers discussed their research at public lectures and participate in meetings and workshops to plan new and ongoing partnerships with colleagues at Uppsala University.

Meetings, Events, Activites

11-22 February 2019. Workshops in Dar es Salaam on the use of vacuum extraction in emergency obstetric care at Muhimbili National Hospital.

9-11 December 2018. Workshop Lusaka, Zambia: African Cities and the Materiality of Suspicion.

29 October 2018. Professor Ellen Gruenbaum: What could Medical Anthropology contribute to the field of Global Reproductive Health?

26-28 October 2018. The 9th FOKO Conference Female Genital Cutting: The Global North & South

19-21 September 2018. Panel on Suspicious Medical Matters

18 September 2018. Dr. Fatoumata Ouattara: Suspicions around Misoprostol: A socio-anthropological study in Burkina Faso

14 September 2018. Seminar on activism work to overcome health barriers for the Ethiopian LGBTI community

14-15 June 2018. Uppsala Health Summit 2018

4 May 2018. Nordic Network Meeting in Global and Migration Related Reproductive Health 

18-19 April 2018. Global Health Research Conference at KI

10-11 October 2017. Uppsala Health Summit 2017

9 June 2017. Seminar: Church organizations' health care delivery within the framework of Public Private Partnership in Tanzania

11-12 May 2017. Symposium: Multiple Healths: Pasts, presents and futures of bio-medicine and wellbeing in/with Africa

9 May 2017. Workshop: Anthropological Research in Sexual and Reproductive Health in Mocambique: Challenges and Opportunities

28 April 2017. Seminar: Gender, sexuality and HIV risk in the narratives of international post-graduate students in South Africa

17 February 2017. Seminar: Mental ill-health and psychological treatments in a Ghanaian context

15 December 2016. Seminar: Naturalistic Inquiry as a Methodological Proxy for Medical Anthropology

9 December 2016. Seminar: On Tracesof the Future: An archaeology of medical science in Africa.

8 November 2016. Workshop/Symposium:Engaging Anti-microbial resistance in Africa

24 September 2016. Conference panel: Health, Politics and Culture in Africa at Nordic Africa Days in Uppsala

19 September 2016. Research seminar: Studying HIV biomedical treatment, culture and statecraft in Mozambique

13 September 2016. PhD writing/research workshop with Carla Braga, Medical Anthropologist, Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique

9 September 2016. SANORD 2016 conference panel: Health governance

29 April 2016. Seminar: Of medicalization, mortality and postmortems: Black forensic pathology officers in the new South Africa

8 April 2016. Seminar: Antimicrobial resistance in sustainable development: a threat and opportunity

5 February 2016. Seminar: The Double Burden of Disease in Weak Health Systems

26 November 2015. Health, Politics and Culture in Africa: Project Kick-Off

24 November 2015. Student Pub Seminar, The Diabetes Epidemic in Africa

5 November 2015. Seminar: Health, Politics and Culture in Africa, project concept development

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