About the Forum for Africa Studies

The Forum for Africa Studies was established in September 2011, by  the Board of the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences, and it includes six faculties. There is a considerable amount of research on Africa carried out within the Humanities and Social Sciences disciplinary area. Forum for Africa Studies aims to facilitate communication among researchers and research information between scholars and institutions both inside and outside of Uppsala.

Uppsala University commissioned in early 2011 a mapping of all Africa research carried out at here at Uppsala.  During 2012, Professor Tekeste Negash has carried out a survey of the research on Africa carried out by researchers in the six faculties of the humanities and social sciences.

Forum for Africa Studies is also part of the collaborative initiative in the establishment and development of the Pan University (PAU).

Forum for Africa Studies favours the consolidation of research milieus, encourages the development of Africa centered courses within departments and the at the university at large, and  seeks to create conditions for our research community to link itself to the PAU network.

Forum for Africa Studies regroups people from the following Faculties:

Forum for Africa Studies is located at the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology. To contact us, send an email to: afrikastudier@antro.uu.se

Or meet us at Facebook: Uppsala Forum for Africa Studies