Biocultural heritage in Mozambique

The Forum for Africa Studies is involved in a joint programme in Archaeology and Anthropology entitled Biocultural Heritage in Mozambique: developing new heritage industries. It focuses on developing heritage industries combining biocultural heritage processes. The concept of biocultural heritage allows for new approches to heritage, nature conservation, lanscape planning, and development goals

Several PhDs in Archaeology will be trained as well as one Anthropologist (Jossias Humbane). As part of Sweden-Mozambique bilateral research collaboration, the programme has recruited two PhD students and one postdoc (Hilario Madiquida). The Swedish coordinator is Dept. of Archaeology and Ancient History.

Jossias Humbane is the PhD student in Cultural Anthropology. PhD students in Archaeology are Decio Muianga, Cézar Mahumane, Celso and Zefanias Simbine. The coordinators of the programme are Dr. Hilário Madiquida and Associate Prof. Anneli Ekblom. More generally, supervisors involved in the programme are Hilário Madiquida, Anneli Ekblom, Karl-Johan Lindholm, Solange Macamo, and Mats Utas.

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Programme Programme Coordinator Hilário Madiquida.


Uppsala Archaeologist and Swedish Coordinator Associate Prof. Anneli Ekblom in company with Maputo Anthropologist Dr. Carla Braga


Since April 2020, Jossias Humbane is a PhD Candidate in Cultural Anthropology and a UEM/UU sandwich student. His PhD project focuses on climate change and local adaptations strategies in Gaza Province, Mocambique.


Carla Braga, Hilario Madiquida, and Paul Lane at UEM in October 2018



Kalle Lindholm, Swedish Co-Supervisor. More info, click on the image


Solange Laura Macamo, Mozambican Co-Supervisor


Décio Muianga, PhD Candidate in Archaeology at Uppsala University. More info, click on the image


Omar Madime, PhD Candidate in Archaeology at Uppsala University. More info, click on the image


Cézar Mahumane, PhD Candidate in Archaeology at Uppsala University


Celso Zefanias Simbine, PhD Candidate in Archaeology at Uppsala University


Anneli Ekblom is Swedish Coordinator


Prof. Mats Utas (to the left), here together with a research partner in Liberia, is one of the supervisors of the programme.