Developing Malian-Swedish Partnerships

Since December 2022, a series of meetings have been organized in the process of developing partnerships between Malian and Swedish researchers. 

Between 24 and 28 April 2023, an international workshop was hosted at the Institut des Sciences Humaines in Bamako with research presentations and project discussions with selected Malian and Swedish teams. A dozen of Swedish Researchers participated and meet with 20 Malian counterparts.

Uppsala Forum for Africa Studies' Oulia Makkonen and Sten Hagberg is leading the process in collaboration with partners at Institut des Sciences Humaines.

Click here to see a reportage from the opening.

On Thursday 27 April 2023, a visit to the Université des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines and the Institut de l'Économie Rurale was organised, followed by a reception at the Research of the Swedish Ambassador in Badalabougou neighbourhood of Bamako.

Next step is to pursue discussions online and pull together joint research projects on societal challenges in Mali. The best is yet to come!




Photo of the participants at the Institut des Sciences Humaines. Access the programme, click on the image


Elvis Tambe and Linnea Stansert Katzen



Baba Coulibaly and Sten Hagberg at the Opening.


Idrissa Soiba Traoré gave a key note address


Visit to the Université des Lettres et des Sciencesa Humaines de Bamako


Reception at the Swedish Residence in Bamako


As part of mobilising Swedish stakeholders, a two day meeting was hosted at Forum for Africa Studies on 14-15 December 2023. The meeting included a symposium with four speakers (from left to right): Mariame Sidié, Bintou Koné, Sten Hagberg, and Maria Grosz-Ngaté. More info, click on the image