Friday Seminar 9 June with Jospehine Sundqvist


Here is Lilian Thuram's lecture (in French with Swedish translation) at Uppsala Castle. Click on the image.


Lilian Thuram lectures (in French with Swedish translation) on 21/4 at 13.30, Uppsala Castle. More info, click on the image.

The Friendship Association for African Film

The Forum collaborates with the Friendship Association for African Film (learn more here).


PUBLIC LECTURE on Wednesday 17/5 at 16-18. More info, click on the image.


International Symposium on Health in Africa, 11-12 May 2017

Forum's activities - always updated!

Visiting the "Events" page you can be updated on the seminars, workshops and conferences organised by the Forum.


Rapport Forum för Afrikastudier 2012-2015 (Swedish only)

Read about the Forum's history and activities during 2012-2015!


Table-Ronde (NB French) sur la parenté à plaisanterie vendredi le 31 mars at 14 heures


Welcome to Forum for Africa Studies

Forum for Africa Studies is the initiative of the disciplinary domain of the humanities and social sciences at Uppsala University. The purpose is to support research on Africa in Uppsala University and to facilitate contacts and the exchange of research information between departments as well as outside of the university. Forum leads research projects, organizes lectures and round-tables, and hosts its seminar series Friday Seminar in Africa Studies.

Forum for Africa Studies is hosted by the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology.



What does Forum really do?

You can find our Annual Report 2016 here


Mapping Uppsala University's Engagament in Africa



Updated Friday research seminar Schedule, Spring semester 2017


New course in African Studies (in Swedish). More info, click on the image.


Public lecture on Monday, 15 May from 10-11.30. Click the image for more info!

Seminar: Interdisciplinary Collaborations in the Human Sciences: Possibilities and Challenges

Seminar by Dr Bilinda Straight (Dept. of Anthropology, Western Michigan University).

Date/Time: Tue 9 May, 3.30-5pm

Venues: Eng/2-2033 and Uppsalarummet, Visby.


Anthropological Research on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Mozambique


Fredagsforsk 28 april: "What has love got to do with it?"


The film MEDAN VI LEVER (in Swedish) is screened at Fyrisbiografen in Uppsala 3, 9 and 11 April. More info, click on the image