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On 23/2 at 16 Dr Parsitau lectures on Maasai women navigating culture, tradition and patriarchy. More info, click on the image.

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Welcome to Forum for Africa Studies

Forum for Africa Studies is the initiative of the disciplinary domain of the humanities and social sciences at Uppsala University. The purpose is to support research on Africa in Uppsala University and to facilitate contacts and the exchange of research information between departments as well as outside of the university. Forum leads research projects, organizes lectures and round-tables, and hosts its seminar series Friday Seminar in Africa Studies.

Forum for Africa Studies is hosted by the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology.



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Friday 17 Feb: Mental Ill-Health and Psychological Treatments in a Ghanaian Context

Time: Friday 17th Feb, 10.15-11.30am

Place: House 3, Room 3-2028, Engelska parken

Speakers: Joakim Norberg (Department of Psychology, Uppsala University) and Jan Carlsson (School of Law, Psychology and Social Work, Örebro University)

This presentation will outline a planned research collaboration between Ghana and Sweden to provide public mental health care in the West African region with culturally sensitive knowledge about depression. 

Most available research on depression and psychological treatments for depression was carried out in Europe and North America. However, this research does not carryover to Ghana due to cultural differences. That includes lifestyle, views, beliefs, values, and attitudes. The planned research collaboration aims at exploring the expression of depression and lay theories on the etiology and cure of depression in Ghana by using qualitative methods. The presenters are hoping for feedback on how to develop this project.  


10 Feb: Seminar on Uppsala University's Engagement with Africa

Forum for Africa Studies recently undertook a mapping of academic activities in, with or on Africa. Sources of data include interviews with a selection of researchers; a university-wide, online questionnaire; an a review of doctoral dissertations published during 2000-2016. The results from this mapping are presented at this Fredagsforsk, and will be followed by an open discussion of conclusions and recommendations regarding Africa-oriented work at the university.

Presenter: Molly Sundberg at Dept. the Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology

Time: 10 Feb at 10.15-11.30

Venue: Room 3-2028, Engelska Parken