The Virtual Seminars

The virtual seminars are important venues to build and sustain our joint research  research environment. Drawing on Uppsala University's Forum for Africa Studies long-term commitment to Global and Virtual Seminars, including the UU/UEM Virtual Seminar in Africa Studies (English), and the Séminaire virtuel du LACET (French), participants of the Research School form part of these series, while the School is developing a bilingual seminar series on Decolonizing Research Methodologies (French and English).


Great Seminar on Spirituality and Religion on the Swahili Coast with Prof. Paula Uimonen and PhD Student Hussein Masisi.


Dr. Vincent-Paul SANON made a brilliant presentation of his research on fisheries in Burkina Faso. More about his research, click on the image



Join the Virutal Seminar on Decolonizing Research Methodologies on Spirituality and Religion on the Swahili Coast, Friday 15 Sept, 15-17. Click on the image


The Virtual Seminar was hosted on 14 June 2023 by the team at Nazi BONI University, Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, with a presentation by Dr. Vincent-Paul SANON.


Dr. Vincent-Paul SANON in action. More info, click on the image