Mapping of Africa Research

Since the 18th century, when students of Professor Carl Linnaeus travelled across the world, Uppsala University has been engaged in research on the African continent.


In order to reconstruct the history and explore future possibilities for African Studies, Uppsala University in early 2011 commissioned a study (Kay Svensson project leader) that was carried out by Simone Noemdoe: Mapping Uppsala University´s Activities on Africa. During 2012, Professor Tekeste Negash went beyond mapping and contextualized the research on Africa carried out at Uppsala University. The survey concentrated on the work produced by the major departments (Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology and Peace and Conflict), and discussed the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion of issues and areas, as well as scrutinized the role and responsibility of Universities of World Class, like Uppsala, in mapping out knowledge about the human condition. In the Fall of 2012 Forum for Africa Studies organized a conference on strategies to scale up research Uppsala University's Africa research. 


In 2016, Molly Sundberg, Coordinator of Forum for Africa Studies, undertook a new mapping of academic activities pertaining to Africa at Uppsala University. The mapping was based on three main methods of data collection: a) interviews with key Africa scholars at UU; b) an online questionnaire filled out by 137 researchers on current scholarly work on Africa, and; c) a review of doctoral theses produced at UU between the years 2000 and 2016. The report of the mapping is called "Africa at Uppsala University".


These different studes of Africa research at Uppsala University indicate that Forum for Africa Studies continues to play a key role in the construction of a vibrant, lively and productive environment for researchers engaged with Africa from a number of disciplines. By organising small and big events (from weekly, informal research seminars, to public lectures and international symposia), the Forum has consolidated its unique identity and has become one of the landmark of African Studies in our city. Please read our report (in Swedish) here.




Choosing Anthropometric Indicators to Monitor the Response to Treatment for Severe Acute Malnutrition in Rural Southern Ethiopia—Empirical Evidence

New article in Nutrients by scholars from Uppsala Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, International Maternal and Child Health, and Addis Continental Institute of Public Health (Authors: Amare Worku Tadesse, Elazar Tadesse, Yemane Berhane, and Eva-Charlotte Ekström). Click here

Uppsala Research at Grand Bassam

Uppsala Anthropologist Sten Hagberg, Head of Forum for Africa Studies attended the Tenth International Conference on Mande Studies in Grand Bassam, Côte d'Ivoire, 2-6 August 2017. The theme of the conference was on Intersecting Identities. He co-chaired a panel entitled "Même pas peur!: Ethnographies of security and democracy in contemporary West Africa". Hagberg also hosted a session presenting two books in the new series Uppsala Papers in Africa Studies.

Uppsala Papers in Africa Studies

Forum for Africa Studies launches the new series Uppsala Papers in Africa Studies in its continuous effort to make available and known Uppsala researchers work in, on and with Africa. More information here

The first issue is an anthropological study on security from below in two municipalities in Mali. The second issue is a study of social and political transformations in Burkina Faso.

"Unstoppable Women: Does Education Matter?"

New book by Sarah Wamala Andersson, Linley Chiwona-Karltun, and Pauline Ocaya. Published in 2016 by Author House. 

Book launch seminar with Dr Caroline Wamala Larsson (Stockholm University) on Wednesday 12 April kl 1-2.30 pm in room "Umeå" (A303), level 3, Ulls hus, Uppsala (Ultuna Campus), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

”Jasaffären i Botswana strider mot Sveriges mål”

Article published (in Swedish) in Svenska dagbladet (23 March 2017) by researcher Johan Brosché, professor Kristine Höglund and PhD candidate Sebastian van Baalen, all at the Dept. of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University. The article concerns why Sweden should not sell Jas military aircrafts to Botswana.

"En bra plats att vara på. En antropologisk studie av mångfaldsarbete och identitetsskapande inom Svenska kyrkan"

New book by Dr. Kristina Helgesson Kjellin, researcher in Cultural Anthropology working at the Research Unit of the Church of Sweden. Published by Artos Academic (2016). Chapter 7 concerns an Ethiopian Mekane Yesus association in Sweden, a Lutheran church, and the chapter addresses recent research on African churches in Europe, migration, integration, and diaporas.

"Conservation, carbon, communities: Swedish carbon purchases through forest plantations in Uganda"

Final research report now available on Swedish carbon purchases in Uganda. The research project has been undertaken by associate professor Flora Hajdu and researcher Klara Fischer at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

"Research Training, International Collaboration, and the Agencies of Ugandan Scientists in Uganda"

Book chapter by Eren Zink, Senior Researcher in antropology at the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, Uppsala University. The chapter is part of the anthology " North-South Knowledge Networks: Towards Equitable Collaboration between Acadmics, Donors, and Universities", edited by Tor Halvorsen and Jorun Nossum. Published in 2017 by African Minds, Cape Town. Available through Open Access here.

"Warlord Democrats in Africa: Ex-Military Leaders and Electoral Politic"

The first systematic study about what effect the electoral participation of ex-military leaders in Africa has on post-war security. Edited by Anders Themnér, Assistant Professor at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University. Published in 2017 by Zed Publishing.

"2017 Elections: Making Somalia Great Again?"

New publication on the potential impact of the 2017 elections in Somalia. Published by Life & Peace Institute in Horn of Africa Bulletin, Vol. 29, Issue 21, Jan-Feb 2017. Available here.

"Wishful Doing: Journeying a Nigerian Medical Landscape"

Book chapter by Ulrika Trovalla, Senior Researcher in anthropology at the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology. The chapter is part of the anthology "African Medical Pluralism" edited by William C. Olsen and Carolyn Sargent. Published in 2017 by Indiana University Press.