Population Dynamics and Wellbeing in Mozambique

The Forum for Africa Uppsala is also involved in the programme Population Dynamics and Socioeconomic Wellbeing, as part of the Sweden-Mozambique Collaboration that aims to strengthen scientific research and research training capacity at Eduardo Mondlane University to generate knowledge for population and development policy for social wellbeing in Mozambique.

Two sandwich PhDs will be trained at Uppsala University: one PhD-student in Cultural Anthropology (Márcia Manhique), and the other in Global Health at International Maternal and Child Care (Gilda Gondola Sitefane).

Márcia Manhique started her PhD-training on 1 April 2020.

The programme is coordinated by the Dept. of Public Health and Clinical Medicine at Umeå University. The Forum for Africa Studies involvement also concerns curriculum development at PhD and master levels.


Since April 2020, Márcia Manhique is a PhD Candidate in Cultural Anthropology and a UEM/UU sandwich student. Her PhD project focuses on the pregnant body between reproductive technologies, vulnerabilities, and subjectivities.



Programme Coordinators Carlos Arnaldo and Ulf Högberg at meeting at UEM in Nov 2017


Curriculum development workshop at UEM in October 2018


A delegation from UEM visited the Forum for Africa Studies in September 2017: Esperanca Sevene, Khatia Munguambe, Ulf Högberg, and Molly Sundberg