Municipal Democracy and Local Development in Mozambique

The Forum for Africa Studies is engaged in the collaborative research programme Strengthening Municipal Democracy and Local Development: Social Sciences Research on Governance, Decentralization and Development. It aims to strengthen research anthropological and sociological research capacity at University of Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) in Mozambique. The programme is part of the Sweden-Mozambique bilateral research and research training Collaboration funded by Sida.

Three sandwich PhD students are trained at Uppsala University, and three at UEM. In addition, work will involve strengthening research environment, including the UU/UEM Virtual Seminar, regular study visits, workshops and the organisation of an international conference in 2024.

Two PhD students were recruited starting from January 2019: Book Sambo and Paulo Mahumane. Fernando Manjate successfully defended his PhD on Inheritance and Succession Practices in Marracuene, Mozambique, in May 2022.

In May 2019, the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the UEM led a delegation visiting Uppsala University in order to learn how PhD programmes are run at the Faculty of Arts at UU.

In Nov.-Dec 2022, Sten Hagberg and Oulia Makkonen attended the annual planning meeting in Maputo after three years of online collaboration. On the UEM side, Carla Braga and Fernando Manjate took part in the planning. Discussions included the planning of activities related to PhD projects, post-docs, and the organisation of an international conference.


Sten Hagberg and Carla Braga - Coordinators of the Programme - in the Aula Magna at UEM. Next to the Coordinators are Esmeralda Mariano and Orlando Nipassa


PhD-Candidate Book Sambo focuses his research on the informal sector actors in political participation in Beira, Mozambique. More info of Book's research, click on the image


PhD-Candidate Paulo Mahumane focuses his research on Governance and Health Provision in the Mining Context of Moatize, Mozambique. Mor einfo of Paulo's research, click on the image


Virtual Seminar IRL


UEM Central Library



For the first time since 2019, we were able to attend the Annual Planning Meeting of the Embassy of Sweden in Mozambique and the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM).


The Second UU/UEM Virtual Seminar in Africa Studies took place on 27/5. Some 30 persons attended.


A Delegation from UEM visited Uppsala in May 2019: Dr Orlando Nipassa, Prof. Cláudio Mungoi, Prof. Kerstin Rydbeck, Prof. Sten Hagberg, and Dr. Elísio Jossias.


UEM Delegation visits Dept. of Archaeology and Ancient History.


Sten Hagberg welcomes the UEM delegation to Uppsala University


Åsa Lund Moberg showed the UEM delegation the library of the Nordic Africa Institute, in company with Director Iina Soiri.


Forum's Dr. Oulia Makkonen is Swedish Coordinator of the UU/UEM Virtual Seminar in Africa Studies. Mozambique Coordinator is Dr. Fernando Manjate.


Dr. Fernando Manjate, former PhD Student in Cultural Anthropology, on a PhD on Inheritance and Succession Practices, and Sociopolitical Stakes in Marracuene in Southern Mozambique, the Mozambican Coordinator of the UU/UEM Virutal Seminar in Africa Studies. More info of Fernando's work, click on the image.