Burkina Faso seen from below

The Forum for Africa Studies is leading commissioned research in collaboration with the long-standing partner the Institut des Sciences des Sociétés (INSS) in Burkina Faso. The research is funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency through the Embassy of Sweden in Burkina Faso. Annual studies are conducted on strategic themes of importance to Swedish development cooperation in Ouagadougou and its Burkinabe partners.

In 2018, the focus was on security from below and citizen perceptions and perspectives on security and safety challenges. A team of eight anthropologists did fieldwork including project leaders Prof. Sten Hagberg and Associate Prof. Ludovic Kibora. The report was presented to researchers and stakeholders in Ouagadougou on 12 December 2018. A book is being prepared and will be published in 2019.

In 2019, the annual study focuses on women leadership and decentralisation. Fieldwork was carried in a dozen of municipalities between March and June with a team of eight anthropologists.

The annual studies will be published in the series Uppsala Papers in Africa Studies.


Focus group discussion in June 2018 in the Sambonaye village of Dori municipality.



The research team for the study of women leadership and decentralization in Burkina Faso. The photo was taken at the Nounoumoa Federation transforming sheabutter, Léo, August 2019.


The report on security from below was presented in December 2018: Sten Hagberg (Forum for Africa Studies), Susanna Hughes (Embassy of Sweden), and Ludovic Kibora (Institut des Sciences des Sociétés


The field research team "Security from below", October 2018


The pedestrian/bicycle/motorbike bridge in the village of Essakane, Dori municipality, Burkina Faso.