Refounding Forum

Since January 2023, Uppsala University's Forum for Africa Studies has been refounded and turned into a full-fledged strategic centre for research and higher education in, on, and wirh Africa. The recruitment of new research coordinators (Kajsa Hallberg Adu and Jecinta Okumu) alongside with long-time Coordinator Oulia Makkonen has substally strengthened the Coordination. Forum's Director is continuously Sten Hagberg,

A new board has been appointed with full representation of the whole University under the leadership of Professor Kajsa Ahlstrand (Humanities and Social Sciences), Chairperson. Other Board-members are Associate Professor Anders Themnér (Humanities and Social Sciences); Professor Ashleigh Harris (Humanities and Social Sciences); Professor Birgitta Essén (Medicine and Pharmacy); Associate Professor Meena Daivadanam (Medicine and Pharmacy); Professor Carla Puglia (Science and Technology); and Dr. Bengt-Ove Turesson (Science and Technology). Professor Sten Hagberg attends the Board in his capacity as Director


On 14 April Uppsala University's Forum for Africa Studies was relaunched by Vice-Chancellor Anders Hagfeldt. More info about FOrum's new mission click on the image



The Forum Coordination Team: Jecinta Okumu, Oulia Makkonen, Kajsa Hallberg Adu, and Sten Hagberg


Kajsa Ahlstrand


The book on security from below in Burkina Faso is now available in English. Click on the image