Decolonizing Research Methodologies at Bobo-Dioulasso

In February 2024, a Coordinators Meeting was hosted at the Université Nazi BONI in Bobo-Dioulasso, BurkinaFaso. Prof. Patrice Toe and his amazing team welcomed us to the meeting. On the agenda: workshop with draft papers preparing for the double panel of the Bamako Conference on Towards a decolonization of knowledges in West Africa: history, actors, and productions in June 2024, and the planning for next year's Fieldwork Seminar on Decolonizing Research Methodologies in the area of Bobo-Dioulasso. We visited the villages of Matroukou and Darsalamy to explore where to conduct joint fieldwork. 


Family Photo



Thomas Ndaluka at the Université Nazi BONI


Planning and Discussing


Vice-Presidents of the University launcing the Meeting