Decolonizing Research Methodologies

The project is entitled, DECOLONIZING RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES: A Research School Programme on empirical data collection, fieldwork relations, ethical challenges, and transnational approaches, is funded by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) 2022-2025. It aims to support the creation, organization, and the implementation of an interdisciplinary research school that bring together Burkinabe, Malian, Swedish, and Tanzanian researchers and research projects in a common collaborative framework to strengthen conceptual, theoretical, methodological and practical work for decolonizing research methodologies.

​It focuses mainly on qualitative research and societal engagement in the humanities and social sciences, and is geared towards data collection, research relations, ethics, and transnational approaches in the organization and implementation of research and research training.

More specifically, the project aims:

  1. to critically assess and transform the ways in which qualitative research is organized and implemented;
  2. to strenghten the development of empirically grounded and critical research methodologies;
  3. to interrogate fieldwork relations and research ethics; and
  4. to promote transnational approaches.

The project is built around qualitative empirical research, and societal engagement through the development of courses (both in situ/in persona, and online), the organization of summer schools in the collaborating countries, regular online seminar series, joint analytical workshops, and collaborative publications. It seeks to foster a critical, and yet practically oriented and relevant, academic culture among PhD students and faculty. 

The partners involved in the project are (see also the list of University/Country Coordinators):



The Launching Seminar was hosted at Uppsala University 26 Sept-12 Oct. 2022 with round-tables, seminars, individual presentations, and joint fieldwork. The  Seminar programme is available here. For more info, contact the coordinator of your University or Programme Coordinator Dr. Oulia Makkonen.

Ongoing activities (the planned or most recent first) include:


The Fieldwork Seminar in Tanzania ended at TaSuBa in Bagamoyon on 3 November 2023. Read more, click on the image


The Launching Seminar on Decolonizing Research Methodologies (26 Sept-11 Oct. 2022) took place in Sweden (Uppsala University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Stockholm University, and Uppsala University's Campus Gotland), with a particular fieldwork exercise carried out on Gotland. More info, click on the image.



Prof. Sten Hagberg is the Project Leader and Director of Forum for Africa Studies at Uppsala University. More info, click on the image


Prof. Paula Uimonen is the Project Coordinator at Stockholm University. More info, click on the image.


Prof. Patrice Toé is the Nazi Boni University Coordinator of Burkina Faso, here together with Prof. Anna Singer, Deputy Vice Rector at Uppsala University, in March 2020. More info, click on the image


Dr. Emil Sandström is the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Coordinator. More info, click on the image.


Dr. Baba Coulibaly is the Institut des Sciences Humaines Coordinator of Mali. More info, click on the image.


Dr. Thomas Ndaluka is the University of Dar es Salaam Coordinator of Tanzania. More info click on the image


Oulia Makkonen at Uppsala University is the Administrative Coordinator of the Project


On 30 June 2022, Sten Hagberg gave a talk entitled Décoloniser les méthodologies de recherche au Laboratoire d'études rurales sur l'environnement et développement économique et social, Université Nazi Boni, Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.