Fieldwork Seminar in Tanzania in October-November 2023

The next big gathering of the Research School will take place in Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo, Tanzania, from 23 Oct. through 4 Nov. 2023. It will be a Fieldwork Seminar combining theoretical and methodological on campus discussions, and practical joint fieldwork in villages of Bagamoyo District.

The theme will be geared towards the coexistence between different religious communities and also address the very concept of "religion" as a hegemonic definition of a series of religious practices in the past and the present. We will aim to explore decolonizing research methodologies in everyday religious practices in Bagamoyo.


UDSM will host the Fieldwork Seminar in October-November 2023!



Planning the Fieldwork Seminar in Tanzania: Sten Hagberg, Thomas Ndaluka, Patrice Toé, and Oulia Makkonen


A glimpse from Bagamoyo


Kaole Ruins