Since the launching in March 2012 the Forum for Africa Studies has hosted 180 events (seminars, lectures, roundtables, film screenings, workshops, symposia, conferences), mostly at Uppsala University, but increasingly also at collaborating institutions in Africa. Since 2015 we have a collaborative project on Health, Politics, and Culture in Africa, which explains why many activities and research projects explore the interface of social sciences and humanities, on the one hand, and the medical and pharmaceutical sciences, on the other. We are also leading projects in Mozambique on municipal democracy, wellbeing, and biocultural heritage. In an ongoing project in Burkina Faso, we study ongoing socio-political transformations from the perspectives of local actors in municipalities. For more info about our recent activities, consult our 2018 annual report here. To follow our upcoming events consult this page and/or follow us on Facebook.


Autumn term 2019
  • Wed 11 Sep 2019, 08:00 – Fri 13 Sep 2019, 20:00

    12th SANORD Conference: 11-13 Sept. 2019

    12th Southern African - Nordic Centre (SANORD) 2019 Annual Scientific Conference

    Wednesday 11 September-Friday 13 September 2019

    This year’s theme; “Role of Higher Education in Forging Sustainable Livelihoods” was selected because of its alignment to the Strategic Development Goals (SDGs). It is an exciting time for SANORD as we continue to grow and adapt, remaining always adaptable, motivated and responsive to global priority issues in education, research and wellbeing. Africa is facing challenges and changes as we strive towards the achievement of SGDs. Sustainable livelihoods is therefore an interesting area in which to work, research and collaborate, and SANORD member institutions will continue to meet and bring inspired people together in forums like this to ensure that SANORD remains at the front of capacity development and research production.

    Forum for Africa Studies will have several participants in the Uppsala delegation, notably Sten Hagberg, and Véronique Simon. Other Uppsala-participants include Shepherd Urenje, SWEDESD, Peter Sundin, ISP, and Ulrica Ouline, International Office.

  • Tue 17 Sep 2019, 15:15–17:00

    Seminar: Eric Mutabazi

    Public Lecture (in French with English summary) with Dr Eric Mutabazi on Conflits interethniques et génocide au Rwanda : Les manuels scolaires d’histoire ont-ils une part de responsabilité ?, Tuesday 17/9, 15-17, Campus Blåsenhus, von Kraemers Allé 1A/1E, Room 14:340. More info here

    Dr Mutabazi is Associate Prof. (Maître de conférences), Université Catholique de l’Ouest and in Charge of the département des formations universitaires à la faculté d’éducation, Angers, France


  • Mon 23 Sep 2019, 17:00–19:30

    Virtual Seminar in Africa Studies: Biocultural heritage and sustainability

    Welcome to the third seminar of the Virtual Seminar Series in African Studies that Forum is organizing together with Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique. 
    The seminar is led by associate professor Anneli Ekblom, and the topic of the seminar is “Biocultural Heritage and Sustainability”. 
    In the first, main, part of the seminar we will discuss the potential of the concept of biocultural heritage for sustainability research and rural development. The seminar will begin with a short introduction to the readings followed by a joint discussion. Prepare by reading the selected papers and bring questions/discussion points to the seminar. 
    In the second part of the seminar, PhD student Laura Mukwana at Eduardo Mondlane University will introduce a pre-circulated paper from her ongoing research, titled: “A Comparative Analysis of Sociocultural Influences on Leadership by Women in Kenya and Mozambique", followed by a joint discussion.
    The seminar is held via video conference link between two classrooms at UU and UEM respectively.
    For registration and access to readings send an email to UU Coordinator, Erik Bengtson (
    Time: 17.00 (sharp) – 19.30
    Place: Eng/3-2028 (Dept. of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, building 3, floor 2)
  • Fri 27 Sep 2019, 10:15–11:30

    Friday Seminar in Africa Studies: Sara Bylund on adolescents accessing sexual and reproductive health services in Tanzania

    Friday 27 September, 10.15-11.30, Room 3-2028, Engelska Parken.


    Tanzanian Health Professionals’ Perceptions of Barriers for Adolescents Accessing Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

    The presentation explores and tries to understand health professionals’ perceptions of barriers for adolescents accessing sexual and reproductive health services in Tanzania. It is based on semi-structured interviews with health professionals and community health workers within a national sexual and reproductive health programme in Arusha and Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania. The health professionals were found to struggle to navigate between cultural and traditional norms, current laws and political statements, as well as the current sexual and reproductive health programme they were a part of. The findings also showed that unfriendly attitudes among health professionals themselves, and a focus on diseases and pregnancy in service delivery, were perceived to influence the access to sexual and reproductive health services for adolescents. The findings highlights the importance for future researchers, policymakers and health programmes to consider the aspects of health professionals’ values and perceptions and explore the challenges between mixed messages in norms from cultural, political, religious, and external donors. 

    It was a lively and well attended seminar with 11 participants.                                     



  • Thu 3 Oct 2019, 17:15–20:00

    Film Screening: SOLEILS with Dani Kouyaté

    Welcome to the screening of the film SOLEILS by and with Burkinabe Film Director Dani Kouyaté, Thursday 3 Oct. 17.15-20.00, Ihresalen, Campus Engelska Parken. More info here

    Location: Ihre salen, Campus Engelska Parken

  • Sat 5 Oct 2019, 10:00–12:00

    Book Presentation in Bamako, Mali: Démocratie par le bas et politique municipale au Sahel

    On 5 October 2019 at the Institut des Sciences Humaines in Bamako, Mali, the Uppsala Papers in Africa Studies 4, entitled Democratie par le bas et politique municipale au Sahel, and edited by S. Hagberg, L.O. Kibora, and G. Körling, will be presented. 

    Two of the editors (Hagberg and Kibora) will present the book together with seevral contributors, including Fatoumata Camara, Bintou Koné, Yaouaga Félix Koné, Almamy Sylla, and N'gna Traoré.

    The book is available online here

  • Fri 11 Oct 2019, 10:15–11:30

    Friday Seminar in Africa Studies: Oulia Makkonen on religions in Sub-Saharan African cinemas

    Friday 11 October, 10.15-11.30, Room 3-2028, Engelska Parken.


    Religions in Sub-Saharan African cinemas: Authenticities and Others

    Authenticity and Otherness have been essential elements in theorizing African cinema(s), and despite the advent of the video and appearance of new cinematic trends defying traditional categories of cinematic production, execution and distribution, the Spectre of Sembene – father of African cinema – keeps haunting African filmmakers and film scholars alike. The idea is that African cinemas, be it the FESPACO or Nollywood type, convey and construct images that are intricately related to the search of a cinematic African subject either by opposing, adopting or ignoring a nebulous and problematic idea of African identity. An integral part of this project can be traced in the cinematic treatment of religions and perceptions of religions in Sub-Saharan films. More specifically in the ways various versions of Christianity, Islam, and African Traditional Religions have been portrayed as emblematic of the foreign and other, of an African authenticity, plurality or problematic. Focusing on specific films reflecting major cinematic trends in Sub-Saharan film history, the presentation will reflect on how religious representations play an important role in the complex search for and construction of that cinematic African subject.

  • Thu 17 Oct 2019, 08:00 – Fri 18 Oct 2019, 18:00

    Jornadas científicas at UEM: Faculty Conference in Mozambique

    Weaving interdisciplinarity in Social and Human Sciences research

    Production of scientific knowledge in Mozambique, in a neoliberal context, accentuates the urgency of sharing scientific work by researchers, lecturers and graduate students from the various academic programs taught at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), within the context of the 2019 scientific conference and the First International Seminar on Language Sciences. These events aim at promoting critical debates and encouraging the establishment of interdisciplinary research groups, prompting dialogue on the following thematic areas:
    1. Governance, Citizenship and Human Rights;
    2. Identities, Gender and Sexuality;
    3. Health and Society;
    4. Memory, Material and Immaterial Heritage;
    5. Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change;
    6. Space, Territory and Population;
    7. Communication, Languages and Literature;
    8. Hierarchies, Inequalities and Agency;
    9. Theories, Epistemologies and Methodologies
    Call for papers is available in English and Portuguese.
  • Tue 29 Oct 2019, 16:15–18:00

    Roundtable: Xenophobia in Africa in Perspective

    Welcome to a roundtable on Xenophobia and Africa in Perspective with Prof. Eghosa Osaghae, Dr. Paul Tembe, and Assoc. Prof. Annika Teppo, Tuesday 29/10, 16-18, Humanistiska teatern, Engelska Parken, Thunbergsvägen 3H, Uppsala. More info here

  • Thu 7 Nov 2019, 16:15–17:30

    Författarsamtal: Maria Ripenberg

    Historiens vita fläckar

    Maria Ripenberg presenterar sin bok Historiens vita fläckar - om rasismens rötter i Sverige (2019). Läs om boken här

    Location: Ihre salen, Campus Engelska Parken

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Friday Seminar in Africa Studies is our regular event for discussing research results and testing new ideas, here with Archaeologist Dr Anna Shoemaker.



We host 35-40 events per year ranging from seminars and workshops to public lectures and high levels panels. In February 2015 then Minister for Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke participated in a round-table on Afrophobia in Sweden in Aula Magna. Other participants included the researchers Oscar Pripp and Ylva Habel


We also host events in African countries, such as a workshop on municipal democracy at Point Sud in Bamako, Mali in March 2014, which ultimately led to a recently published book. More info, click on the image


We also host lectures in conjunction with official visits at Uppsala University, as when former president of Mozambique Joaquim Chissano, here talking with Deputy Vice Chancellor Anders Malmberg, visited Uppsala in 2012.


We often get lots of people who attend our events, such as the Author Talk with Maria Ripenberg on 7/11 2019 to which 180 people came to the Ihre Hall.