Webinar on West African Dynamics

On 28 January 2021, a Webinar was co-hosted by the Forum for Africa Studies and the Mande Studies Association with two round-tables featuring eminent speakers from West Africa, Europe and North America. Presentations were in English and French. The whole Webinar is available (in suitable portions) on this page.

Introductory Remarks: Sten Hagberg (Sweden) 

Round-table 1: Prospects for Peace, Democracy and Gender Equality? – Collaborative Research, Grounded Policy, and Citizen Mobilization 

Chair: Kajsa Hallberg Adu (Sweden). Participants: Carole Ammann (Netherlands); William Moseley (USA); Ludovic Kibora (Burkina Faso); Joseph Hellweg (USA); Bissè Blanche Danielle Adoh (Côte d’Ivoire) 

Round-table 2: African Studies in the Global Village? – Transdisciplinarity and the Decolonization of Methodologies and Epistemologies  

Chair: Véronique Simon (Sweden). Participants: Maria Grosz-Ngaté (USA); Baba Coulibaly (Mali), Rosa de Jorio (USA); Chérif Keïta (USA); Alain Sissao (Burkina Faso) 

Closing Remarks: Sten Hagberg (Sweden) 

Listen to and engage with the roundtables here-below!


West African Dynamics/ Dynamiques ouest-africaines. More info, click on the image