What does Uppsala University’s engagement with Africa look like?

To kick-off the Forum for Africa Studies' Fredagsforsk seminar series, Dr. Molly Sundberg (Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, Uppsala University) gave a presentation on her results gleaned from a mapping exercise she conducted on Uppsala University's Africa-related activities on Friday 10th February 2017. Among these Africa-related activities, the main ones that Dr. Sundberg investigated were teaching, research, networking, collaborations and doctoral dissertations published at Uppsala University between the years 2000-2016.  Sources of data included interviews with a selection of researchers; a university-wide, online questionnaire; a review of doctoral dissertations published during 2000-2016; and departmental websites and documents. 

The main points of discussion from Dr. Sundberg's findings were that research was the leading activity that was engaged in. Anglophone countries in east and southern Africa were where most activities were found. Many intra-disciplinary collaborations within departments and collaborations between Uppsala and their partners in Sweden and/or African countries existed. However, few inter-departmental collaborations within Uppsala occured. Discussions also centred around how to improve the documenting, publishing and maintaining of up to date information of Africa-related activities at Uppsala University for future use.


Audience listening to Dr. Sundberg discussing her findings on Uppsala University's engagement with Africa