Forum for African Studies and ASSAMBUS (Friendship Association Burkina Faso- Sweden) organized a theme day on Burkina Faso which attracted 180 visitors on Saturday 17 September 2016.

In the morning, papers on socio-political actors in a changed landscape (Stone Hagberg), violent extremism (Augustin Loada) and ecosystem services (Hanna Sinare), all with a focus on Burkina Faso, were presented.

In the afternoon, two of the founders Assambus (Malin Hennius and Kristina Jerving) talked about the role of their association in the midst of ongoing Sankara revolution in the country. Anna Lindstrom and Roland Göransson gave an exposé of Assambus history. Current Chairman (Agnes Ilboudo) told about what the association does today and Sten Hagberg explained the Swedish-Burkina Faso relations in general.

After the break, Mao Ouedraogo and Malick Bibete performed with Dani Kouyate, Miguel Kouyate and Hamidou Sinare, celebrating with music and tales. Hamidou Sinare narrated his journey in Sweden and his activities as aerobics leaders and masseur. Dani Kouyate featured movie "While we live"'s trailer, which will premiere on 5 October, was screened. The film goes will be screened at SF cinemas from the 7 October.

Finally the film Une Révolution Africane: les dix jours qui fait hurt Chuter Blaise Compaoré was projected. A mingling in Engelska Park followed.