Critical Perspectives on 20 years of South African Democracy: a symposium in honour of the memory of Nelson Mandela

15 May 2014


Nelson Mandela passing prompted a moment of global reflection on his tireless advocacy for human dignity and equality, as well as his role in South Africa’s transition to democracy. This one-day symposium in honor of the memory of Nelson Mandela  brought together varying disciplinary perspectives on Mandela’s legacy 20 years after democracy, with particular focus by keynote speakers on human rights, governance, and the democratic project. The program is available here.


Yasmin Sooka, Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Rights in South Africa.

Aubrey Matshiqi research fellow at the Helen Suzman Foundation, and at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies (Stias).

Glynda Mochele (also known as Ginny Volbrecht) MK veteran, social activist and independent researcher and consultant.