Multiple Marginalities, Enslaving Culture!

Maasai Women Navigating Culture, Tradition and Patriarchy in their Quest for Political Leadership in Kenya

On February 23, 2017, Dr. Damaris S. Parsitau (Institute of Women, Gender, and Development Studies, Egerton University, Kenya) presented on the obstacles faced by Maasai women when it comes to having a voice in their communities.  According to Parsitau, Maasai women are often denied the education that many of their male counterparts receive, and are thus dependant on their fathers and/or husbands for economic security.  However, in 2013, Peris Tobiko became the first Maasai woman elected to public office, despite the opposition of community elders, and has opened the way for further representation for women, not only in Maasai society, but in Kenya as a whole.