Jeux et enjeux - Table-ronde sur la parenté à plaisanterie et la culture politique burkinabè

On 31 March 2017, Prof. Alain Sissao, visiting researcher from the Institut des Sciences des Sociétés, presented his long-term research on joking relationship, a traditional cultural institution still lvery lively in Burkina Faso, and the ways on which joking is carried in everyday life. Prof. Sten Hagberg presented reflections on joking in Burkinabe political culture, so as to describe how and when joking is practised, and when it is not, e.g. in cases of ethnic vilence and popular insurgency. Some 15 people attended this Round-Table in French.


A Francophone audience


A rich debate



Alain Sissao


Sten Hagberg


Joking is serious


Round-Table with Alain Sissao and Sten Hagberg