Europe Made in Africa:

The Congo Free State in European Culture

20 September 2014,

ENG 7-0042, Thunbergsvägen 3H, Engelska parken


09.30              Welcome and Network Launch

09.45    Session I. Chair: Stephen Donovan, Uppsala University

Bernard Porter, University of Hull

The Congo Reform Association


Rob Burroughs, Leeds Metropolitan University

King Leopold’s African Soldiery in Late-Nineteenth-Century Humanitarian Discourse and Popular Culture

11.15    Coffee

11.30    Session II. Chair: Sarah De Mul, Open University of the Netherlands

Bambi Ceuppens, Royal Museum for Central Africa, Belgium

African photographers in the Congo Free State

12.30    Lunch

13.30    Session III. Chair: Ashleigh Harris, Uppsala University

Susanne Gehrmann, Humboldt University

Beyond Conrad. King Leopold’s Congo in European Literatures


Christian Abrahamsson, Lund University

Creating Blank Spots on a Map: Imagining the Congo in the Bulletin Société Royale Belge de Géographie, 1877–1885

15.00    Coffee

15.30    Keynote address. Chair: Sten Hagberg, Uppsala University

Stefan Jonsson and Peo Hansen, Linköping University

A Past that Europe Forgot: Belgian Congo and French Africa as the Foundation of European Integration, 1945–1960

1630    Symposium ends



Europe Made in Africa


Fifty people attended the symposium


Stephen Donovan


The Key Note Address was given by Peo Hansen and Stefan Jonsson, Linköping University