Engaging Antimicrobial Resistance in Africa

8 November 2016; Uppsala

Thirty faculty, researchers, students and representatives of civil society organizations joined together for a day long symposium and workshop to discuss antimicrobial resistance in Africa.  With representation from fields as diverse as microbiology, medical anthropology, and linguistics, and organizations that included ReAct, Médecins Sans Frontière, National Veterinary Institute (SVA), and the Uppsala Antibiotic Center, participants discussed  antimicrobial resistance from multiple disciplinary perspectives and took steps towards developing new interdisciplinary research collaborations and approaches.

Invited speakers at the event included Prof. Otto Cars (Dept. of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University and Founding Director, ReAct), Assoc. Prof. Clare Chandler (Dept. of Global Health & Development, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine), Dr. Josef Järhult (Dept. Medical Sciences and Zoonosis Science Center, Uppsala University), Assoc. Prof. Britt Pinkowski Tersbøl (Dept. of Public Health, University of Copenhagen), Mr. Freddy Kitutu (PhD Candidate, International Maternal and Child Health, Uppsala University and Makerere University College of Health Sciences), and Dr. Cecilia Nilsson (Uppsala Antibiotic Centre).

This event was organized by the Forum for Africa Studies at Uppsala University through its Health, Politics and Culture in Africa project, and in collaboration with ReAct and the International Foundation for Science.