Cristiano Lanzano

 "The socio-technical systems of artisanal gold mining in West Africa. Case studies from Burkina Faso and Guinée Conakry"

Presenter: Cristiano Lanzano, PhD, Senior Researcher at The Nordic Africa Institute


On Friday 26th February 2016, Cristiano Lanzano (PhD, Senior Researcher at Nordic Africa Institute) presented his research on artisanal gold mining in Burkina Faso and Guinea Conakry, within the "Fredagsforsk/Friday Seminars" series.


What is the role of gold mining in Western African societies? How do technical changes in the practice of gold mining affect the relations between workers, the governance of the mining site and the chances of earning a living out of this sector? How is trust negotiated around such an attractive resource, and who are the actors involved in the negotiations?

The presentation has addressed these and other aspects of a booming sector, and has been followed, as usual, by discussion with an interdisciplinary audience of about ten people.