Afroswedish histories

On Wednesday January 20th, 2016, Forum for Africa Studies and Upsala Nya Tidning hosted the paneldebate Afroswedish Histories in the University Hall. Panelists were Adam Tensta, Victoria Kawesa, Faaid Ali-Nuur, Göran Rydén and Ryan Skinner. Moderators were Sten Hagberg and Maria Ripenberg. About 350 people attended the round-table, and it was held in Swedish. It can we watched back through the links below.

Round-table AFROSWEDISH HISTORIES, part 1 Watch video!

Round-table AFROSWEDISH HISTORIES, part 2 Watch video!


The panel


Adam Tensta


Victoria Kawesa


Göran Rydén


Faaid Ali-Nuur


Ryan Skinner



Opinion pieces in Upsala Nya Tidning

Some of the participants in AFROSWEDISH HISTORIES have written pieces for UNT: